November 15, 2013

Memorial Park project receives $4K grant

Funds will go toward sidewalks, landscaping.

by Mitchell Kirk Pharos-Tribune

---- — A project to enhance Memorial Park on Logansport’s west side continues to receive support. The city parks and recreation department got a $4,000 grant earlier this week for sidewalks and landscaping.

Logansport Parks Administrator Jan Fawley announced Tuesday that Walmart awarded the funds to enhance the roughly one-acre park at the corner of West Market and Front streets through the company’s Local Giving Program.

Through the efforts of volunteers, the West Logan Neighborhood Committee of the Cass County Community Resource Network has set out to improve the park and maintain it.

Cathy Miller, who co-chairs the West Logan Neighborhood Committee along with Anthony Cozzello, said the sidewalks through the park will make the area more friendly for walkers, bikers and people in wheelchairs.

“It doesn’t look like that large of a plot of land but if you actually get out and walk through it, it’s just sitting there being underutilized,” Miller said.

Chris Gaumer, Logansport-Cass County assistant planning director, drafted the design for the enhancements.

“The sidewalks will come off of Front Street and West Market and kind of do a little jaunt onto the [Eel] River,” he said, adding that he included native plants in the design that won’t require extensive care.

Miller said more fundraising will be required before work can begin on the sidewalks and landscaping, which she hopes to see happen this spring. The committee will be reaching out to businesses on the west side, Miller added, and donations may be sent to the Logansport Parks and Recreation Department.

After this phase, the committee also plans to add benches and light posts to the park.

Improving the park’s landscaping began with the help of volunteers on Live United Day in September, many of whom Miller said have expressed a desire to continue to help with the project.

“We have great people on board,” Miller said.

The grant comes as the Logansport Parks and Recreation Board continues to seek interested parties to take on park properties in an effort to cut on costs.

“It’s a great start for that park,” Fawley said of the West Logan Neighborhood Committee’s efforts.

Miller said the motivation behind it all is to create a gateway to the west side of town and allow residents there to take pride in their community.

“The cool thing about it is everyone’s still on board and we’re all still excited,” she said.

Mitchell Kirk is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. He can be reached at 574-732-5130 or Follow him: @PharosMAK