October 17, 2012

Cass County employees in line for bonus

Commissioners agree to pass on health insurance savings.

by Kelly Hawes

LOGANSPORT — Cass County commissioners voted this week to share their savings on health insurance with county employees.

“We’ve done really well in cutting our costs for health insurance, and we want to give some of it back to employees,” Commissioner Jim Sailors reported at Monday’s meeting.

Sailors said the county had managed to save 57 percent on claims this year through its insurance program with Group and Pension Administrators of San Antonio, Texas. To celebrate the savings, he said, the county planned to return about $26,000 to employees.

He said the county would make a $250 contribution to the health savings account for an employee with single coverage and a $500 contribution for an employee with family coverage.

In addition, he said, the county will cover the employees’ share of premiums for the first two months of 2013. That amounts to $30 a month for an individual employee, $100 a month for an employee with children or a spouse and $180 a month for an employee with family coverage.

Sailors said the savings had come in part through the county’s creation of a health clinic for employees. To encourage participation, Sailors said, the county is offering a financial incentive.

“We’ll take $500 off the deductible if an employee goes through the wellness program,” he said.

Sailors said the county’s premiums and claims totalled about $1.65 million.