April 3, 2013

Bennett to leave health officer position

by Amie Sites

— After 10 years, Dr. Cherie Bennett, MD, will be leaving her Cass County Health Officer position. Beginning July 1, Bennett will be focusing on her work in the Logansport Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine Office.

“I want to devote more time on patient care and internal medicine,” Bennett said.

Internal medicine focuses on the health care of adults, she said. Bennett sees patients in the internist office as well as nursing homes.   

Bennett said Monday was her 10-year anniversary at the Logansport Memorial Hospital. She said she has been connected to the Cass County Health Department for more than nine years. Bennett was initially a board member for the health department before she became the Health Officer. Bennett performed different tasks including writing prescriptions and overseeing tasks.

“The health department is a fascinating place where vaccines for children, food safety, vital records on death and birth, prevention of tuberculosis and more are available under one room,” Bennett said. “It has been interesting and educational to learn the variety of things the Cass County Health Department does.”

Cass County Commission President Dave Arnold, said the commissioners will be working closely with Gary Davis, president of the board, to find a replacement.

Arnold said they won’t have a replacement immediately because they want to find the right fit.

“The position takes more time than some people have,” Arnold said. “We want to find someone who will do a good job and be willing to sacrifice the time.”

Arnold said they have some people in mind but they will begin an interview process and see if they’re interested in the health officer position.

“Bennett has put her heart and soul in it and now she wants to spend more time on her patients and physician position,” Arnold said. “She has been an excellent health officer.”

Dave Ameen, CEO at Logansport Memorial Hospital, said he is happy she has decided to focus on what she wants to do.

“She’s a good doctor and spends a lot of her time with older patients and at nursing homes,” Ameen said. “She’s a high quality physician.”

Bennett, who will be with the health department until July 1 because she wanted to give plenty of time to find a replacement, said she is looking forward to focusing on patient care.

“I’ll be here until I’m 90,” Bennett laughed. “I enjoy working with the elderly and the challenge of the number of different illnesses internal medicine focuses on.”

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