April 16, 2013

County OKs 150 East and 300 South as 4-way stop

Landfill changes will affect the intersection

by Mitchell Kirk

LOGANSPORT — The intersection at 150 East and 300 South in Cass County will soon become a four-way stop to accommodate changes at a landfill in the area.

Oak Ridge Recycling & Disposal currently has both its entrance and exit on 150 East, also known as Morgan Hill Road. Because it will move the exit to 300 South, county officials said a four-way stop at the intersection will ease concerns regarding cars coming down the hill to the south and increased truck traffic on 300 South.

“Traffic coming down Morgan Hill Road might encounter problems with trucks out there,” said Cass County Highway Department Jeff Smith.

County commissioners voted 4-0 Monday in favor of installing the stop signs.

Because the upcoming traffic flow change at Oak Ridge will require trucks to drive an additional distance before exiting, Smith said he is hoping this will allow more time for the trucks to shed mud clumps before getting back on county roads.

“In certain times of year, when it’s wet, lots of mud gets tracked on tires and this should help with that also,” he said.

Commissioner Jim Sailors agreed.

“We’re trying to keep mud off that hill,” he said, adding the highway department isn’t always able to sweep the road before it rains, cementing the mud to the road even further.

Smith said signs alerting drivers of the four-way stop will be placed on 150 East and 300 South as well. He said signs should be up within the next week or so.

Sailors said installing the signs before changes are made at the landfill will allow time for drivers to get used to stopping at the intersection.

“Otherwise, trucks wouldn’t have time to come out because cars wouldn’t be expecting them,” he said.

Sailors said the highway department will also widen the intersection with stone to allow trucks more room to turn.

Mitchell Kirk is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. He can be reached at 574-732-5130 or