November 13, 2012

Logansport wood companies show off products

About 140 visitors tour Cole Hardwood, IDI

by Jason M. Rodriguez

LOGANSPORT — About 140 members of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association of America visited Indiana Dimensions Inc. and its sister company, Cole Hardwood, Monday as part of a tour the companies have been trying to coordinate for years.

Every fall, the association picks plants to tour around the United States, and it was in Indianapolis Monday before heading to Logansport. The group planned to tour five companies around the state.

Jeremy Rentschler, salesman with IDI, said the association’s mission was to check out the plant’s processes.

“This is a great opportunity for IDI to draw in these people, show them our business, show them Logansport, show them that we’re set up to support them with the recent recovery of the housing market,” Rentschler said. “We’ll be in a position to supply their companies with the raw materials they need to grow.”

IDI is a hardwood component manufacturer of cabinet doors, cabinet components, edge glued panels, dimension parts and moldings, according to its website. Hardwood component parts are purchased from IDI to be used by manufacturers of furniture, cabinets, homes and other related hardwood products, the website states.

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association of America represents 80 percent of the cabinet companies in the country, according to its website It’s a nonprofit organization that represents companies that manufacture kitchen, bath or other residential cabinets, produce decorative laminates, as well their suppliers, the website states.

According to several published reports, a steady domestic market with a higher-than-average international market for lumber has potential to create shortages, something Rentschler said made the visit even more important.

“With the recent shortages in the hardwood lumber industry, it’s important that they have good partners,” he said.

Milt Cole, owner of Cole Hardwood, said Monday’s visit could have a big impact on both businesses.

“It’s hard to put a number on it,” he said, “but I know it’s enormous. It has lots of potential.”

Cole said Monday’s mission was to show the association three key things about both companies: “Capacity, inventory and the quality of workmanship.”

About half of IDI’s business is kitchen cabinets, Rentschler said, which makes the visit from the association to a non-cabinet-exclusive facility all the more impressive.

“Until they come here, it’s all a bunch of talk,” Rentschler said. “We want to show them our people here, show them our equipment.”

Rentschler said other tour groups had come through the plant, but Monday’s tour was a culmination of years of being persistent with the cabinet association.

“This tour will give us credibility with folks that I’ve been calling for years and years,” he said. “They will actually come here and see what we have here in Logansport.”