December 4, 2012

Logansport streets department work doesn’t go unnoticed

Franklin: It’s not uncommon to receive a donation from an appreciative resident

by Amie Sites

LOGANSPORT — The Logansport Board of Public Works meets weekly, and every week Mayor Ted Franklin tells the board and Dan Williams, superintendent of the streets department, he received a call or letter about the work being done by the streets department and how it’s appreciated.

The crew, made of 10 full-time positions, takes care of Mount Hope Cemetery and various duties in Logansport including leaf pick-up, delivering barricades for city events, mowing properties, emptying downtown trash containers and many more.

Franklin said he receives a compliment about the streets department once a week and it’s not uncommon to receive a donation from an appreciative resident. This past week Franklin received two compliments on behalf of the street departments work, he said.

The streets department assisted the Logansport Fire Department in a fire on Thanksgiving.

Members of the streets department used a front loader and a back hoe to knock a brick wall down, allowing fireman to get access to the fire.

Fire Chief Mark Strong came to the board of works meeting, a week before his monthly report was due, to talk about the Williams’ assistance on Thanksgiving.

Strong said he was concerned about keeping the fire out of other areas in the downtown, and the streets department helped his department.

“It was nice to get the help from the city,” Strong said. “He was a big asset and with it being Thanksgiving night, my guys were so happy to have the help.”

Strong said with the streets department and the 28 guys who showed up from the Logansport Fire Department, it was a safe and faster way to put the fire out.

“Franklin put the streets and cemetery department together and because of that, when we get a job we are able to utilize both departments and allowing us to use more equipment, it saves the city money,” Williams said.

Williams’ department has been busy with 100 miles of leaf pick-up and, because of the nice weather, they will pick up leaves one more time and then will be finished two weeks ahead of schedule, Williams said.

Franklin said it’s not uncommon to see Williams working late on a weekend at Mount Hope Cemetery in the summer.

“Williams is a good guy who leads by example,” Franklin said. “He sets the tone and his department does a great job.”

“It’s rewarding to hear the compliments the department receives,” Williams said. “It’s not just me out here working. It’s the guys buying into the new program.”

Amie Sites is a reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at 574-732-5150 or