August 16, 2013

Room renovs almost done

Presentation accessibility is focus.

By Amie Sites Pharos-Tribune

---- — FLORA – It’s been a busy summer at Carroll Consolidated School Corp. Students are back in session, and classroom renovations are nearing completion at Carroll Junior-Senior High School.

Although the renovation isn’t done, students occupied the classrooms Wednesday when a new school year began, said Chris Lagoni, superintendent at Carroll Consolidated School Corp.

Two new high school science classrooms were added and four existing rooms were renovated to make two other large science classrooms. The physics lab was also updated and storage was added, Lagoni said.

Lafayette contractor J.R. Kelly Company, who received the bid for the science classroom renovations, is wrapping up work and have only exterior items to complete. Painting and cleaning of the site will be completed soon and some exterior doorways still need to be installed, said Tim Brigham, project manager.

“We’re in the final stages,” Brigham said. “Any remaining work will be completed on weekends or after hours so it doesn’t interrupt studies.”

There is a new science addition on the junior high side and another on the high school side of the building, Brigham said.

The lab has technology allowing teachers to show digital slideshows at the front of the classrooms. Multiple cameras, projection screens, sound controls and microphones have been added. Teachers will have the ability to control, send images and display them using iPads, Lagoni said.

Students will also have the room to complete and display experiments, Lagoni said.

The room will have a traditional lecture area on one side of the classroom and a lab on the other side. If another class needs the room, they will be able to use it, Lagoni said. Because of the space, students will be able to complete a project and move items around.

The focus of the new classrooms is on students being able to do presentations, Lagoni said.

“Students have said over and over when they have to do presentations where their peers are present, they work harder and put effort in those classes,” Lagoni said. “We know we learn at much higher level when asked to explain it to others. The opportunity to speak and present about things is important.”

The classrooms are also designed for teachers to be able to demonstrate, Lagoni said. Teachers will be able to do multiple presentations and students will be able to see everything without clutter, he said.

“Teachers will have the ability to control everything from an iPad,” Lagoni said. “They can be mobile and we think it will be great.”

Lagoni noted it wouldn’t be possible without parents and community who put up with having events at the elementary; a custodial staff who put in a “superhuman effort” to get everything ready; teachers who had the patience to pack their classrooms and put things in storage only to put them back in to the classroom; and the director of facilities, Mike Conoway, and principal Angela Moreman.