October 26, 2013

Carroll exploring trade certification program

Certificate would allow edge before high school graduation.

By Amie Sites Pharos-Tribune

---- — FLORA — A proposed advanced manufacturing program would allow students at Carroll Jr.-Sr. High School to earn a trade skills certificate while in high school.

Tyler Sausaman, a teacher at Carroll Jr.-Sr. High School, gave a presentation at a recent school board meeting on the significance of offering advanced manufacturing.

Sausaman said a reason he is increasing manufacturing opportunities is because Indiana is no. 1 in manufacturing.

“In a nutshell, it [manufacturing] leads to careers and creates wealth,” Sausaman said. “It’s good for the economy as a state and a country.”

On a smaller scale, there are good paying jobs available that can encompass a wide path of opportunities for students, Sausaman said.

Sausaman has one student earning a certificate this year.

Students could also leave the program with certificate, dual credit, work experience and a solid foundation related to manufacturing, Sausaman said.

“Students with different abilities can all benefit from this plan,” Sausaman said. “Some students go straight to college, others don’t want anything to do with school after they graduate, and everywhere in between.”

Offering a certification would help fill a skills gap and students would be able to complete one year of an associate’s degree.

Right now Sausaman is offering three dual credit classes and is looking to add two more.

Currently, Intro to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering are both dual credits offered. Although Intro to Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics isn’t currently eligible for dual credit, it is a prerequisite for Advanced Manufacturing I.

By taking all three classes, one student was able to work on earning a MSSC CPT certification this year.

Sausaman said his intention is to offer Advanced Manufacturing I next year and then add Advanced Manufacturing II the year after that. Advanced Manufacturing II would be a block course in the final semester and then students would spend time interning in the second semester.

Advanced Manufacturing I and II would also be dual credit classes.

“With the internship is its the goal to have students working with local manufacturing partners,” Sausaman said.

Angela Moreman, principal of Carroll Jr.-Sr. High School, said staff there are interested in building more early credit options for students.

“Tyler opens their eyes to what they may what to do,” Moreman said.

Chris Lagoni, superintendent of the school corporation, said adding classes would be an easy adjustment — they just want students to sign up and employers to say the certificate is something they would look at.

“Our schedule revolves around student interest,” Lagoni said. “We don’t start programs until students show interest.”

The goal is to offer more programs employers want.

“There needs to be more employers who say ‘yes, we want high school grads,’” Lagoni said.

Amie Sites is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at 574-732-5117 or Follow her: @PharosAES.