September 27, 2013

College Go Week ends today

LHS encourages students to go to college with annual event.

By Amie Sites

---- — Faculty and staff at Logansport High School pushed for more students to attend college this week as part of College Go Week.

The week kicked off with college day, where staff throughout the corporation, participated by wearing something from their alma mater or their favorite college.

Staff members were encouraged to talk about their own college experience with students, said Matt Jones, principal of Logansport High School.

Some goals for students were to review graduation plans, visit a college campus, research and apply to colleges and learn about college savings plan and various other ways to get ready for college.

Last year, 46 percent of LHS graduates were going to a four-year college. Twenty-nine percent were going to a two-year college, 4 percent were going to a vocational school, 5 percent were going in to military and 16 percent were not pursing higher education, probably going right to work, according to data provided by Deb Piercy, LHS registrar.

The overall goal is to help students plan for college completion and career success and how to get there from all grade levels, Jones said.

“It has been a point of emphasis at LHS that college is a must, or some type of post high school education,” Jones said. “People who get a college degree earn about $1 million more than people with a high school diploma over a lifetime.”

Every fall, the organization Learn More Indiana supports College Go Week in schools and communities in Indiana.

“Due to our extensive program of studies, we see LHS as a Gateway to College. We do not want our students to be just satisfied with a high school diploma,” Jones said.

“Students must think college. They need to start to think about where they want to attend. The belief in the necessity that our students must attend college is an idea that we must instill in them at all grade levels, even before they enter high school.”

Homerooms completed the college completion challenge pledge, where students pledged to graduate from high school with at least a Core 40 diploma, visit a college campus and apply to at least one Indiana college as a high school senior.

Staff members continue to encourage college through yearlong events, Jones said.

The Jobs for America’s Graduates classes toured Ivy Tech Wednesday. Eighth grade career classes plan to visit Indiana University Kokomo in October and tour the campus and grades nine through 11 are completing the My College Options survey about college and career interests.

“The students have become more aware of college options and what it takes to get there,” Jones said. “Now we have a better plan of action. It has been wonderful for them to get a feel for what different colleges are offering.”