September 20, 2013

Sheriff warns residents of telephone scams

Reports of scams resulted in investigation.

From staff reports

---- — Officials from the Cass County Sherrif's Department recently investigated reports of telephone scams from county residents.

The scammers are frequently calling from three area codes; 809–Dominican Republic, 284–Virgin Islands and 876–Jamaica, according to a press release from Randy Pryor, Cass County sheriff.

The scams frequently involve stories that a relative has been arrested and needs bail money, the winning of a lottery or sweepstakes. Recent reports have involve law enforcement, the release stated.

In the most recent scam, the person is advised the scam victim will be arrested if he or she does not send money to the caller. The caller knows enough about the scam victim to make them believe they will be arrested.

"Law enforcement agencies will never call or email anyone and demand money in lieu of arrest," Pryor said in the release.

Pryor is advising residents not to send money by wire or internet in any of the situations.

Some calls advise the person to purchase cash cards like PayPal and call the scammer with information from the card. The press release also stated the callers are usually outside the U.S. and prosecution and retrieving money once sent is highly unlikely.

The Cass County Sheriff's Department is asking anyone to call 574-753-7800 if contacted on the phone or Internet with any of the scams.

Had a scam call? If you've been contacted by a scammer, call the Cass County Sheriff's Department at 574-753-7800.