July 27, 2012

Mayor to turn parking spot handicapped

by Jason M. Rodriguez

LOGANSPORT — Amid the "distraction" of national media attention, Mayor Ted Franklin decided to turn his newly created parking spot into a spot for handicapped individuals visiting the City Building.

"It's become a distraction," he said from his office Friday. "It's been hard to get focused on work today. I've had a few phone calls, a few visitors from here in town, some of them offering prayer, others offering advice."

On July 20, Franklin received a $20 parking ticket for parking illegally on Sixth Street between Broadway and Market Street. He received the ticket after police reportedly told his office that his millennium yellow Corvette had to move. After hours of not moving the car, former police chief-turned-patrolman A.J. Rozzi issued the ticket.

Franklin paid the ticket Monday morning and had the street department paint a 400-square-foot parking spot - a spot that's takes up one and a half spots - in the area that was previously reserved for police.

"It's time to grow up," Franklin said. "It's time to focus on the true needs and to stop playing the game. That's all I'm hoping for."

To read more about "the game" Franklin is talking about and the back story he said that led to this incident, read Sunday's Pharos-Tribune.


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