November 18, 2012

Logansport schools disputes grade

by Sarah Einselen

— Logansport school administrators have grown frustrated with the Indiana Department of Education’s most recent grade designation for Logansport High School.

Michele Starkey, Logansport Community School Corporation superintendent, received notice late on Oct. 30 that an appeal to the data behind the school’s original C grade was approved, but the school’s grade has not changed in IDOE data releases.

Adam Baker, a spokesman for the IDOE says the C grade is correct and is based on correct data in a networked database accessible by LHS administrators.

Logan administrators believe the school’s grade should be a 3.1, in the B range. It’s currently listed as 2.95, or a C.

“After I finally talked to someone down there, I had to wait for information because they weren’t sure why the grade didn’t change,” Starkey said last week. “We are still trying to get an answer because we disagree with the very confusing information we received.”

The school is using an approximate grade calculation tool to figure what its grade should be, plugging in modified data based on an appeal that was partially approved. The part that was approved affects the school’s math score, Starkey said.

With the approval, the school is saying its improvement in that area should result in extra points and bump the overall grade up.

But the data on which LHS’s current C grade is based is all correct, Baker said.

The data is drawn from a networked database that the school has access to, Baker said, and when that data is plugged into the grade calculation tool, the school’s grade comes out to 2.95 — in the C range.

“We know that that information is correct, we know that that calculation is correct, we know that that grade is correct,” Baker said.

Logan administrators have left messages with Will Krebs, director of policy and research at the IDOE and the one whose name was on the appeal approval letter, but to no avail, said Starkey.

Baker said the corporation should continue to call to get its questions answered.

“My suggestion is that they would attempt again to try to figure that out,” Baker said.

• Sarah Einselen is news editor for the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at or 574-732-5151.