March 21, 2013

Live United Day proposals needed

United Way seeks projects by April 10 deadline

by Amie Sites

— As the April 10 deadline for Live United Day proposals approach, United Way of Cass County is looking for more projects to work on.

They have received one proposal for Live United Day, which is Sept. 20. Last year there were 75 projects and 35 proposals.

Live United Day allows volunteers in the community to come together in one day, complete projects and help others create changes in Cass County.

Projects completed in the past have been landscaping, painting, wheelchair ramps and playground equipment at schools. For the first time, proposals have been opened up to Cass County, not solely Logansport.

A group of 11 people make up the Live United Day committee and from that committee, four have been chosen to be town chairs.

For Live United Day the county has been divided in to four sections with each location having a chair member; Joshua Hopper is town chair of Logansport, Josh Johnson, Walton and Galveston, Paul Ulerick, Twelve Mile and Metea, and Lisa Mannering, Royal Center and Lucerne.

The group has been meeting since January. Lita Rouser and Hopper met Wednesday afternoon to discuss Live United Day proposals.

Rouser, director of impact strategies and community investment for United Way of Cass County, said sometimes it’s people who see the work that needs to be done.

“Just like Caleb Sedam saw the need to eradicate Autumn Olive from the entire River Bluff Trail last year, people can see a need and accomplish it,” Rouser said. “Not all questions on the project have to be answered now.”

Hopper, previous Live United Day co-chair, said although planning for September is forward thinking for some, they want people to submit proposals and fine-tune details later.

“We hope to see county-wide proposals,” Hopper said. “We want to find individuals wanting to focus specifically on those rural areas because we want them to be a part of the day.”  

Future projects could be volunteering to clean church kitchens, lay carpet or help build a picnic pavilion. Although material has to be provided most of the time, Live United Day provides skilled labor, Rouser said.

The goal for Live United Day this year is to focus on the quality of projects, not the quantity. After proposals are in, details pertaining to projects and volunteers will be planned. Hopper said it is easier to get volunteers after projects are in order.

“Live United Day is important to our community,” Hopper said. “People need to know and get involved.”

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