March 3, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: City needs to rethink project location

— I would like to reply to Jane and John Wilson letter to city. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to any city officials but have you ever seen the television show “Are you smarter than a fifth-grader?” Well they are a lot smarter than the city officials.

Look at all the grant money the city got to beautify the downtown and now want to tear it all up and put a senior housing unit there. Now with the Rural King building, you had a building already built on one level. You have plenty of parking space, you have water, lights and some heat already. You have low-income Cass Plaza but they need more low-income housing that’s within walking distance to get medicine and grocery places to eat. I think the Express is still there.

Why not have a contest or vote? Give people a chance to have a say on the old Rural King building to become senior housing for low-income people. The Wilsons have the right idea for senior housing. So city officials, why don’t you look into something that is just right for the seniors to live.

Frances Edwards