January 17, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Big corporations are ruining America

— Do you realize that the big corporations are running this country? They scored another hit on workers when they downgraded pension funds and health benefits.

The workers didn’t get a raise did they? No! But the big companies sure did benefit. No wonder they record profits. The outcome is very unAmerican! Support your unions to get raises and benefits!

No more privations — this helping the rich get taxpayers’ money and don’t pay fair wages! It costs more!

Hands off Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. We paid into these!

I say no work, no pay! Those Congressmen block all legislation I don’t call work!

Make them earn their pay! Cut their entitlements, not ours! That sure would help the big debt. To the new governor: where are the jobs? Or is it like when you were in Congress that you promised jobs but created none?

Millicent Wootten, Logansport