November 28, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Newspaper loses its last staffer

— The Logansport Press lost the last remaining staff member as I far as I know. My mom, Glendora Rider, who was also know as Glendora Ridenour, passed away last year. However, yesterday in Tampa, Fla., Russ Williams passed on, and he had mentioned at my mom’s memorial that he was the last remaining staff member of The Logansport Press.

I had come across my mom and dad’s wedding announcement in The Logansport Press. I found the writing to be rich in adjectives describing what the bride and the bridesmaid wore. Also, what relatives and friends attended the service and what they wore. The language description painted a picture as if you were there viewing every piece of information about the guest the writer was telling you. What a treasure to be buried in a forgotten history.

I hope someone will occasionally pull the past up to remind people how rich life was in Logansport, Ind.

Nancy Rider, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.