October 20, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013


---- — Thanks for helpingour son succeed

I would like to thank everyone that gave our son, Brandt Carmichael, the time of day to help with his benefit concert. I was simply amazed how many of the business owners and people in the community stepped forward and supported a 12-year-old.

Thanks to my son for coming up with such a heart-felt idea and following it all the way through. Thanks to Jason at Emmaus for supporting Brandt and also for asking him to make this a yearly event. Thanks to Dan at the radio station for always taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to a 12-year-old young man.

Thanks to Mathew Paul for being such an awesome master of ceremonies. Thanks to all of you that helped sell tickets, bought tickets, bought raffle tickets or purchased items through the auction. Thanks to all of our family, friends and groupies that supported the “Little Help for My Friends” benefit concert.

Kevin and Jody Carmichael


Let the Utilities Service Board do its job

The Utilities Service Board and the City Council have different legal purposes. The Utilities Service Board (USB) makes utilities policy; that is not the business of the mayor and the council. The council only decides whether to give financial approval to a rate or construction decision by the USB. The Service Board’s legal powers and duties include consideration of contracts for “purposes that are necessary for the full and efficient construction, management, and operation” of each utility. I.C. 8-1.5-3-4(a) (10).

Any Purchase Power Agreement as well as any Build-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T.) agreement is necessarily the business of the Service Board. The City Council can only review the financial consequences if and when the USB has made the policy decision. Both the Mayor and the Utilities Superintendent have said they do not intend to present the B.O.T. to the Service Board. That would be a legal mistake.

Even though the city administration and Utilities Service Board have different legal purposes, attorney Molitar for the mayor and attorney Head, sometimes attorney for the mayor but also sometimes attorney for the Service Board, in combination, put a halt to the Service Board’s stated effort in February to communicate with IMPA, MISO, Duke and Wabash Valley, alternate suppliers of electricity, because those two lawyers somehow believe that Pyrolyzer has an exclusive position with the city and utilities board at this time. The board’s effort to learn more came to a halt.

Finally, consider how this effort to privatize local electric generation impacts the civil city budget. In 2012, as of Aug. 31, utilities budget shows “payment in lieu of taxes” to the civil city in the amount of $219,325. Historically, the electric department has been a source of revenue to the city. The City Building itself was built in 1924 with profits from the electric utility. The electric department transferred $6,405,401.54 to the civil city budget between 1930 and 1976. Then the Utilities Service Board got created to make it run like a business, separate from the tendency of a city administration to reach over and act like it knew how to manage a utility. Let the Service Board do its job.

Jim Brugh


Thanks to many for helping renovation

The Cass County Olde Towne DAR Chapter would like to thank the following for supporting our Sept. 7 renovation of Olde Towne Cemetery Project, 175th Logansport Anniversary Celebration and Community Service Award to Myra Vanecek.

We appreciate the local support for allowing us the opportunities to participate in Daughters of the American Revolution projects on a local level.

Sponsors were American Tool-Time, Burton Contracting, Home Depot, Martin’s Supermarket, members of Cass County Logansport American Legion Post #60 and VFW Post #3790 and Mike Sims, members of the Cass County Boy Scouts especially Caleb, Zach and Eli Sedam, Mike Meagher with Area Five Council on Aging, Thelma Conrad with Cass County Historical Society, Tamara Szarszewski with Mary Dykeman Hospital Guild, Kay and Tom Weatherwax with Cass County Republican Party, Dan Keister with Midamerica Radio WSAL, MIX 102 and Hoosier Country, Amie Sites with the Pharos-Tribune, Indiana State Regent Jeanie Hornung, Indiana State Registrar Charlotte Blair and Kay Pike, Continental Congress Organizer and the many other individuals who helped make this event possible.

Historic preservation, patriotism and education are all part of what DAR, NSDAR members promote.

Joan England Burton

Old Towne DAR

First benefit concerta resounding success

I would like to personally thank everyone that helped make my benefit concert a success. I am so glad that the businesses and community supported me. A special thanks to Matthew Paul for being my master of ceremonies for the evening. A special thanks to Dan at Mid America Radio for blasting my commercials all over the radio.

Thanks to my mom for taking me seriously and supporting me from the beginning when I told her what I wanted to do and to my dad for always being my roadie and both of them for always having my back. Thanks to my meme and poppy for driving me all over to get the give-aways and auction prizes (little hard to do when your only 12).

Thanks to Jason for supporting me from the very beginning and having faith in me. Thanks to Ken at the McHale Performing Arts Center for working with me to make my benefit successful and to all of the student crew at LHS, the special lady in the box office, the janitors. Thanks so much to everyone for coming to the show, buying a ticket, purchasing auction item, donating a prize and just helping a 12-year-old make his first annual Benefit for the Emmuas a success!

Brandt Carmichael


Attend meeting to have your say on project

Meeting being held during working hours to stifle citizen opposition: Attention citizens of Carroll County, the commissioners, at their regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 21 will make public the details concerning the 4-H Exhibit Building and the desires of the Flora Community Club.

I believe the citizens will be afforded an opportunity to discuss this subject prior to the signing (or at least I would hope that would be so). If you have questions or concerns, please plan to attend the meeting at 9 a.m. Oct 21 on the second floor of the courthouse.

Quite frankly, I believe this meeting should have occurred prior to the closed door meetings and the Public Private Partnership and Build Operate Transfer talks. I believe we, the owners of that building, have not been treated properly. The last time I looked around this was still America, battered and bruised, but still a country where the citizens have rights! Sadly, a country where silence is taking those rights away.

Pat Robertson