November 4, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Mourdock's character worthy of support

— There is a stark contrast between Joe Donnelly and Richard Mourdock. Joe Donnelly has become a career politician who will say anything to get elected. Richard Mourdock has not.

Several times in past years I have attended town hall meetings and candidate debates with Joe Donnelly. I have listened to his promises and watched him go to Washington and vote pro-abortion and support increasing the awful tax burden his constituents have to bear. What he says in Indiana bears no resemblance to his voting record in Washington. Joe Donnelly claims to be fiscally conservative but voted time and again to raise both spending and the debt limit and taxes. Our country has gone from $10 trillion in debt to $16 trillion in debt on Joe Donnelly’s watch.

Richard Mourdock is not a polished politician and will occasionally stick his foot in his mouth. But at least he is honest. He is pro-life, willing to defend the pre-born. That may not be smart politically, but it comes from his strength of character. That is what it takes to stand up to Washington insiders when they pressure you to abandon your beliefs.

So we have a choice, elect someone who has shown he will say anything to get elected and then go to Washington and cave in to the insiders (Joe Donnelly), or someone who has strength of character (Richard Mourdock).

Renda Garner, Logansport