November 4, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Gregg understands needs of workers

— I saw a TV ad for Mike Pence the other day, and I have to admit it was pretty good. He talks about the need for good, higher paying jobs in Indiana. He wants to invest in vocational training, for those who do not want to, or can’t afford to go to a four-year college so they can get the training they need to succeed. I couldn’t agree more. One place people overlook are the local trade unions. Men and women learn the skills necessary to become productive members at a trade.

Now I can’t speak for all the other trades, but in the Carpenters Union, an apprentice goes through four years of on-the-job training. He or she goes to school at one of the apprenticeship centers in the area to learn all the aspects of the industry (at no cost for the apprentice). They learn about safety, the latest technology and the methods to do the work properly and efficiently. They also graduate the apprenticeship with an associate’s degree from Ivy Tech. The apprentice takes extra classes offered by Ivy Tech and the carpenters pay for those classes. The training opportunities are here, we have the buildings, the instructors and the funding already in place, waiting for people to take advantage of it. Best of all, it’s not funded with taxpayer dollars.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands. John Gregg does. Vote Gregg for governor on Nov. 6.  

Chet Fincher, Logansport