January 30, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Remembering playing at the Berry Bowl


---- — Remembering playingat the Berry Bowl

I find it hard to forget my days playing basketball in the Logansport Berry Bowl. When a person walks through the front doors, the gymnasium sits down, almost reminding me of a crucible. In most gyms, a person enters at the same level as the actual gym. However, unique to the Berry Bowl, a player must descend in order to reach the court.

It reminds me of a crucible because at the bottom is where the elements are heated, altering their shape due to the crucible’s ability to handle high levels of temperature. Essentially, whatever goes into a crucible is likely to come out transformed.

A certain piece of my life’s memory lingers and remains in the Berry Bowl. Playing on the heels of others, such as Mark Lozier, Danny Ferrell and Brian Ashby who contributed greatly to the crucible, I was more than eager to toss in my contribution. As I recall, my family of origin settled nicely into the Logansport community, despite my older brother Jay having to leave his former high school a year before graduation.

The points which I scored as a Logansport basketball player I consider a gift. While I was a hard worker, I do believe I overachieved while playing in the Berry Bowl. The gift Logansport gave me turned out to be high numerically, but it’s the remembrance of playing basketball inside the crucible against other high level opponents which contributed to a subtle affinity that Logan truly was and still is my hometown.

As Whitney Jennings continues to leave my previous scoring record in a wake of ashes, I’m happy that she gets to experience the blessing of Logansport, Indiana. However inside a crucible, ashes are part of the transformational process. In addition to congratulating Whitney on the beginning of a lifelong legacy, I also want to congratulate the Logansport community for their loyalty and support.

One day I will visit the Berry Bowl again. However it is unlikely I will descend the stairs to the basketball court. Instead, I will sit on the bleachers ground level and root for the upcoming players who are hungry and thirsty for a taste of Indiana high school basketball. Besides, as new players leave my point total in ashes, this only means the crucible is working properly.

Caleb Springer

Former Berry