January 28, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Letter from Jan. 28, 2014


---- — Taking on stancefrom columnist

After reading the column of syndicated columnist Esther J. Cepeda on Jan. 19, 2014 called “Debunking Stereotypes of Immigration.” Does it seem she was talking about illegal immigration? Her words, “Research into migration patterns to and from Mexico fly in the face of all that we think we ‘know’ — or maybe just fear — about the relationship Mexicans have with the United States. We tend to believe that Mexicans relocate here to take jobs and stay permanently. That those who have returned in the past few years have only done so because they were deported — and that such forceful encounters with U.S. law enforcement agencies have had the effect of creating a generation of anti-American Mexicans. And that Mexicans have little regard for our country’s laws and our culture of hewing to those statutes.”

If I were to say her article’s title should have added the word “illegal” since that is the type of immigration she’s talking about, I will be called a racist, or labeled as the generation of anti-American Mexicans. Which once again, the illegal word should have been put in place of the anti-American. Since I am the American and they are titled illegal Mexicans.

Her research numbers could be about as far off as our government saying it’s only going to cost 500 million of our tax dollars in the end cost a billion! I’m for a columnist standing up for the legal immigrants, why illegal immigration? They call someone a racist or generation of anti-American Mexicans who are only separating the two. The correct name is, Americans tired of people taking advantage of (our tax dollars) and breaking its laws in general.

We live in a country where we can drive to a place that our government says dose not exist called Area 51. When we arrive to its border, there is a sign that tells us we can be thrown in jail, fined, or even shot if crossing this non-fenced border. There are military police and cameras watching to make sure you will not enter. If my government can protect this operation that they say does not exist, one would think they could protect my country’s immigration borders. Then debating people like myself along with 20 million Americans would no longer be called racist or the generation of anti-American Mexicans. In debating, I’m limited to 400 words!

Larry Hayden Jr.