January 19, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters from Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014


---- — Giving kids the gift of reading

Did you get a terrific and unexpected gift for Christmas? Well, we did and we just want to publicly thank those that were involved with it. Several local businesses came together through Reading Railroad and bought books for local preschools and day cares. We received 26 brand new books to use with our children.

We were surprised when we entered the building, and Rena Sterrett told us we could have one of each book. We had to go to our cars and empty out bags just to get them all.

The books were of various types and story lines. Just the ones children like. So, thank you Security Federal Bank employees, Consolidated Union employees, Logansport Memorial Hospital employees and Carter Fuel Systems for giving to the Live United Day Book Drive. You have made getting books into the hands of children much easier.

Julia Ropp and Alice Somsel


Questioning city’s land purchase

Buying land east of Logansport may be a good idea as the ancient, owner neglected and crumbling center of town is burning, rotting and falling apart. Work our way out then as the center opens up, we can make our way back in.

The town, itself, can recycle. I agree business is needed in our area but, too, there are a lot of homes in the downtown area that need to be made desirable to live in. I’ve said it before, landlords do not care what it looks like or the condition of the structure as long as it can be lived in.

Rex Gangloff