December 23, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Family will be forever grateful

— This year marks the 25th year that our family is blessed with writing this letter.

This would not be possible without an unknown family who donated their loved one’s heart to our son.

Our son received a heard transplant Dec. 10, 1987. We are forever humbled and grateful to this unknown family.

Our hearts are heavy for this family. We think of them daily. We don’t know why our son was infected with a virus that caused him to need a heart transplant. Neither do we know why he was given another chance. We do know it is God’s plan, and we thank him daily.

Like many other families, we have had our challenges and our blessings. We thank God for both.

At this holiday season, we ask you to please remember the true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy your family.

We ask you to talk with your family about your wishes of being an organ donor. This truly is a priceless gift. We know.

The Jones family wishes you all a blessed, healthy Christmas and New Year.

God bless.

Jerry and Jo Jones