November 17, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Dismissal of longtime teacher appalling


---- — Weekday Religious Education has been a wonderful part of educating our children in Cass County for 57 years. I learned about this great program through my church. We have supported weekday through the years as have many churches. The Weekday bus goes to elementary schools throughout Cass County. The kids, with their parents' permission, board the bus to learn about God through Bible stories. The schools have generally welcomed the bus for students from the fourth grade for classes that last one half hour each, one time per week throughout the school year.

Now we have suffered a great loss, the wonderful teacher who has given 36 years of her life to teaching the children on the Weekday bus has been fired by the Weekday Board. No reason was given to Mrs. Robbin Mix for her firing. The board members told her to pack up her things, never see the children or talk to their parents again, have no contact with them. The cruelty of this action is unbelievable.

This teacher was good enough for 36 years and now is out for no reason. There was never one complaint filed against her in all of the 36 years! Mrs. Mix was not allowed to explain her absence to the children. The parents were not even told that she was fired. I have never written a letter to the newspaper before, but I could not stand by and allow this injustice to go by without telling the truth of her situation.

Rumors about why she was fired are going around and they are not true. People are saying that she didn't want to teach anymore. If that were so, why would she have started the school year. She was in the seventh week of the school year when this happened.

Mrs. Mix is also a wonderful piano teacher. My granddaughters have had her as their piano teacher and I know she is a quality teacher.

I do no think there is anyone as academically qualified or who has the love of children as Mrs. Mix. I believe she will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replace. I want to say to the Weekday Religion Education board members that I am appalled at your actions. It was bad enough to fire her, but the way you did it was inexcusable. She did not deserve to be hurt this way after her 36 years of devotion to God and the children she taught.

I am demanding that she be re-instated but I am sure the weekday board will not listen to this plea. All I can say is, we have lost a great teacher. Our children are the losers in this situation. Who will be teaching them now? Will that person have the skills, the knowledge of the Bible, the love of God and the love for every child that Mrs. Mix had every day she stepped on that bus? God help us!

Diana Joyner