September 8, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters for Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013


---- — Bringing counselor into schools a good idea

I was glad to read in the Pharos-Tribune on Aug. 18, 2013, where Four County Counseling Center will be transferring a therapist to the Logansport Community School Corp. They will be working with students with emotional and behavior problems.

Mental illness may still be somewhat of a stigma albeit it should not be. I believe that some children/teenagers do not receive treatment needed during their youth. This often leads to more severe psychiatric behaviors in their young adult years.

I congratulate the key players in our community for integrating and working together for mental health treatment which will benefit our children. Saving one student from a devastating future experience is worth it!

Kenneth Iles


Still waiting for answersto the same questions

We have paid Pyrolyzer supporters to visit Materials Recovery Facilities and a Pyrolyzation pilot plant in Germany and Canada. The report seems to be, “It works.”

Of course it “works.” That is not the question.

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) have been around for years.

As for pyrolyzation, you can build a pyrolyzer in a 55-gallon drum and your science project will pyrolyze trash (or tires, wood or plastic) and make syngas, and you can combust the syngas to generate electricity.

But your science project doesn’t answer the question: Can pyrolysis make clean, cheap, reliable electricity?

The Germans tried to answer this question. At least as early as the 1920s the Batelle Institute in Frankfurt tried to make pyrolysis profitable, but failed.

Monsanto built a huge 1,000 tons-per-day pyrolyzation plant in Baltimore in the early 1970s. It failed to reach design capacity and it never ran continuously. Monsanto closed it in 1977.

Covanta, the largest waste incineration company in the U.S., considered pyrolyzation but decided it was not profitable.

Pyrolyzer LLC’s proposal to Logansport is to process 6,000 tons-per-day of trash and/or tires to generate 150 Megawatts of electricity! What experience can Pyrolyzer offer to back up this gigantic proposal? Pyrolyzer LLC and its inventor-partner, KUG, don’t offer any independent tests of continuous emissions, or any evidence of ever producing electricity, nor do they have a unit that has run longer than 15 days.

While our consultants are preparing contracts for Loganport to sign, maybe it would be a good idea to visit successful pyrolyzers that are similar in fuel, volume, and electrical output to the one that Pyrolyzer LLC proposes to build for Logansport. The only problem is that no such facility exists.

And who is the pyrolyzation expert on these fact-finding trips for Logansport? Maybe Bradley Angel should go. At the “World’s Largest Incinerator Coming to Logansport?” event (available on, part 7), Bradley described touring a trash gasification/electricity facility in Japan, where he could see that the operator’s claims were untrue. At the end of the tour, the three plant managers apologized for making false claims. Someone who knows what to look for might be a valuable person to invite on a fact-finding trip.

Since January, Logansport citizens have been asking for proof that Pyrolyzer LLC can produce clean, cheap, reliable electricity. Even after these recent field trips, we still do not have the answer.

Mercedes Brugh


Should have seentrail user fee coming

I guess people should have thought of things like this beforehand. Times are tough right now and if you impose a user fee [on recreational trails], you may not have people using the trails because they can’t pay.

It’s kinda funny how [Rep. Bill] Friend is looking to start this user fee when there are far worse things to consider, like people losing jobs. I guess if you lose your job, you can go walk on a trail.

Wonder if the trails will be fenced off and gated with money and card machines at the entrance gates. Just hope they take food stamps.

Rex Gangloff


Celebrity Baggerssuccess in the bag

Big Brothers Big Sisters recently held its ninth annual Martin’s Celebrity Bagging Event. We are so thankful to the community for its support! Thank you to Martin’s Super Market for allowing us to hold this event each year.

Thank you to Hoosier Country 103.7 and Dale Lowe for their hard work in putting this on air during their live remote. Thank you to all of the “Celebrity Baggers” for raising funds, bagging groceries, and earning tips which all went to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cass County. Becky Anspach, Chris Armstrong, Jessica Bridge, Alesia Brown, Jenny Clark, Anthony Cozello, Kado Downs, Sarah Einselen, Kim English, Lauren Gaumer, Carol Sue Hayworth, Dave Herman, Liz Loposser, Nate McGuire, Jason Mitchell, Megan Paschen, Kella Rigney, Maria Rogers, Lita Rouser, Steve Schwering, Rena Sterrett, and Patty Terrell. Thank you to our Bigs & Littles who participated: Stacy and Angelina, Emily and Tayilor, and Bill and Montana. Thank you to the community that shopped at Martin’s and supported this great event.

April Zartman

Executive Director