August 1, 2012

Public forum

New parking space should be removed

Just drove by today to look at the new handicap space at the City Building. Looks pretty nice.

Then I thought about how a disabled person would have to park in that spot correctly. So, I drove up to Seventh Street then turned into the lot as the police cars do, had to drive around through the lot then come to the area that faces Sixth Street in order to park in the angled handicapped space. You can’t come in directly from Sixth Street. You have to come in from all the way around back!

If the mayor doesn’t wan’t to play games, he needs to have this space removed, and I believe the city ought to make him pay for it.

Hope this isn’t what our government is coming to - childishness.

Rex Gangloff, Logansport


High gas prices killing Logansport

To whom it may concern: I see the gas stations in Logansport have gouged the people again. They gouged them the Fourth of July, then they come down a few cents at a time. Then they raise it 20 or 25 cents or more at a time. 

I buy all my gas in Monticello. I never buy gas in this city, and I also buy groceries and go out to eat and shop while I am there.

I bought gas there for $3.04 today (July 30). When I got back to Logansport, it was $3.75 — 71 cents difference.

To the guys who raise the price, you are killing Logansport.  

Harry Jolly, Logansport