February 28, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Debt problem must be fixed now

— The federal government has been operating without a budget for too long. It has been more than 1,300 days since the Senate passed a budget, and with every day that passes, our nation sinks further into debt. If something is not done soon to address this irresponsible pattern, the entire economy could be in jeopardy.

Thankfully, Hoosiers have Sen. Dan Coats to be the voice of reason in the Senate. Sen. Coats has continually been one of the only leaders in Washington to actually lead on the issue and recently spoke on the Senate floor about the “debt-induced catastrophe” that looms.

As a steering committee member for the Indiana chapter of Fix the Debt, I know the tough decisions that lay ahead for our lawmakers and I appreciate the political ramifications of making those decisions. I applaud Sen. Coats for standing up for Indiana and urging the Senate to present a responsible budget.

Ken Kobe