August 23, 2012

Public forum

LOGANSPORT — Columnist offends neighbor’s family

After reading Joe Bowyer’s article in the July 30 edition titled “The good things lost by default,” he left us no choice but to defend a loved one who passed away.

In this particular article, he referred to our loved one as an uncaring neighbor as he reminisced about the park he built by Pipe Creek and Deer Creek, which happened to be the area their land adjoined.

We have been pretty faithful readers of his articles until this one. The first thing to come to mind after reading this article is we remember in past articles how he talked of cowards and thought how ironic that he just joined that club. It is disturbing that Mr. Bowyer would feel so comfortable to attack, put down, belittle (whatever you want to title it) a man who is no longer here to defend himself.

Well, that is where we come in. We are defending his honor and take great insult to the column.

We have no desire to have a match back and forth with Mr. Bowyer, but wanted to express our disappointment in a man who claims he is a Christian. Shame on you for judging our loved one and thinking it was OK to write such a statement and think it would go unnoticed.

It didn’t. Not only did you offend Shane, Ethan and me, the loving family of Jeff Frey, but also other neighbors and friends of the family and have lost faithful readers.

Darla Frey, Walton


Donnelly deserves support of voters

Mourdock is the last thing that the voters of Indiana need in the U.S. Senate.

He is a Daniels follower. He didn’t do his job in Indianapolis, so why would we think he would do anything in the Senate? Donnelly is our man.

Phillip L. Penn, Burrows