June 2, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Government is too big, out of control


— A recent article written by Gordon Southern appearing in this newspaper on May 6 was very satirical about the Republican Party and our governor, Mike Pence. Many derogatory remarks were made about Republicans such as “women could have been put in their Republican place; at home and pregnant.” I find these comments deplorable and a despicable attempt to sway voters to a very liberal point of view.

If people would take time to listen to legitimate news broadcast and study newspaper articles, you will find truthful information. We must alternate watching different TV news broadcast to be able to scrutinize the news reported to us. If we study the news, we will find the states and cities around this country that are in financial trouble. If we go deeper with our research, we find most are run by Liberal Democrats.

We presently have many scandals being investigated by Congress. I encourage all citizens to pay attention to the news as Congress tries to find the truth. Will we hear from Mr. Southern about the IRS targeting organizations considered conservative? What about the Fast and Furious program of running guns to drug cartels in Mexico? What about the four dead Americans killed in Benghazi who received absolutely no help from the White House or anyone in this administration?

This administration has racked up almost $7 trillion of government debt in less than five years after suggesting George Bush was unpatriotic for accumulating $4 trillion of debt in eight years. I guess the promise by President Obama to cut the debt in half during his first term was just liberal talk.

What about Obamacare? The original bill was approximately 2,700 pages, but has been expanded to over 15,000 pages of taxes and regulations. This will be a bureaucratic nightmare. We also have the wiretap and email scandal this administration apparently knew nothing about. The Justice Department targeted AP reporters and Fox News, and Eric Holder knew nothing about it.

Our government is too big and out of control. Liberalism is destroying our country, taking away the rights of individual citizens and paying no attention to our Constitution as they continue to assert their power over the people. People came to this country to escape tyranny. Where can we escape to?

JT Hubenthal