May 26, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: One man’s long overdue expression of appreciation


— This is dedicated to a few special men who have given so much of their time to help better the young men of this community. Although there have been many men like this, a few readily come to mind: Mike Tocco, Red Newton, John Mummert, Jack Jordan, Jack Winters, Richard Rothgeb and Rich Wild.

These men impacted my early years through their mentoring and guidance. They not only made a strong impression on me, but on numerous young men of my era.

Too often we fail to recognize outstanding character and leadership during our youth, but there comes a time in our life that dedication, wisdom, knowledge and selfless service should be acknowledged.

It is with grateful appreciation for the positive influence these men have had on my life, for few men make a difference on others, but these men are the exception.

Edward R. Maple