April 17, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: A bit on the proposed plant and ambulances


— After reading Sunday’s paper April 14, 2013, I don’t know which of the issues deserve more attention the power plant issue or the ambulance service. You would think that City Hall would respect the experience and intelligence of Mercedes Brugh that they would give some consideration to her opinion on this matter, but that isn’t going to happen because they’re going to proceed no matter who disagrees with their decision.

I’m sure Chuck LaDow had a reason for voting the way he did but the other members of our city council were afraid of being replaced if they disagreed with going forward with this decision. Remember city council members resigned or were replaced for not voting for the administration’s agenda. I myself am not knowledgeable enough about the benefits of the plant. I may be dumb but I’m not stupid, and I would listen to the people who have concerns about the city’s decision to proceed with this endeavor. The consequences of the unproven benefits of this plant may be worse than having second thoughts about going in a different direction.

Now to the issue about the ambulance service in the city. It’s ludicrous to think that I would have to wait for an ambulance from Lafayette in the event I had a heart attack. In fact, if that was to happen to me, I would tell my wife to call Morocco first because chances are I wouldn’t live to see either one. I don’t know how long it took Mr. Slusser to realize this system wasn’t working, but I guess things like that happens when privatization is chosen to save money, it follows right in light with corporate greed. And then they profess to be concerned about our health, what happened to the ambulance service they used to have at the hospital? Ambulances drivers can’t find the house, (unbelievable). Whose bright idea was it to go in this direction?

Ron Copenhaver