November 4, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Donnelly doesn't listen to voters

— I do not know that much about Richard Mourdock other than he appears to be a man unwilling to deviate from his beliefs for political gain, a refreshing change nowadays.

The one thing I do know about Joe Donnelly is that a couple of years ago I attended a town hall meeting sponsored by him and held in Court Park outside the Cass County Government Building in Logansport. The purpose of that meeting was to explain the pending Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare to those in attendance. After about 90 minutes of Q and A, those in attendance, with the exception of a few people who came down from South Bend with Joe, made it clear that we did not support the passage of this program. Mr. Donnelly told us that he had another meeting to attend and had to leave and that he also felt he could not support passage of the bill because of questions he had concerning its funding of abortions.

Several weeks later, I read that the bill had passed with Mr. Donnelly’s support. I can only conclude that Mr. Donnelly listens to someone, but it’s not his constituents.

Michael K. Berkshire, Logansport