November 24, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013


---- — Class would not be possible without help

On behalf of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) state chapter, we would like to publicly thank Deputy Prosecutor Lisa Swaim, Attorney Randy Head and Cass County Sheriff Randy Pryor for their continued assistance and support of the Expert Witness Testimony class.

On the weekend of November 1, 2013, we completed our third class in Logansport with Lisa and Randy serving as our attorneys and Sheriff Pryor allowing the use of his facility to hold the lecture portion of the class. The class is used to teach fire investigators on how to effectively testify in a court room setting utilizing a real arson case and being questioned by both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Lisa and Randy have been so instrumental in conducting the courtroom portion of the class that the students receive the best example of what it would be like in a real trial testimony. Sheriff Pryor has been very cooperative for allowing the use of a classroom and providing refreshments to the class in the morning.

Without the support of Lisa, Randy and Sheriff Pryor, this class would not be the success it has been. We look forward to bringing another eight students from around the Midwest to Logansport for another class.

David S. Klossand Steve Shand

Association officers

An open letterto Sen. Harry Reid

To Senator Harry Reid, it is your right to stand on the senate floor and publicly denigrate the Republican Party.

If you do not permit the Senate to vote on the bipartisan H.O.R. “Keep Your Plan” bill, you will once again deny the American people their rightful freedom of choice.

John Paul