March 12, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Logansport can be a two-theater town

— In today’s P.T., March 8, I was reading the story about the new movie multi-plex under construction. In the article, the current owner of the State Theater is quoted as saying that Logansport cannot and never has been able to support two movie theaters. That is not true.

When I was a boy, movies were a large part of my life. I routinely attended the State, Roxy, and Logan theaters and they were all three doing well. My mother remembers when there was a fourth, the Paramount.

I think that this movie multi-plex will be a very welcome and needed addition to the “Loganland” scene. In recent years, there have been many innovations to movies such as digital 4k projection and 3D that enhance the movie-going experience and, according to the developer, these and much more will all be included.

Steve Steckel

Las Vegas