July 14, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters from Sunday, July 14, 2013


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Jr. Miss contestant speaks in appreciation

Hi, it's Lena again. Once again, I wish to thank Chrissi Downhour and Styles Unlimited for sponsoring me again this year, doing my hair, and giving me encouragement for the Junior Miss Cass County pageant.

I would also like to thank Lynnsey Bell and her Little/Junior/Teen Miss and Cass County Queen Committee for all their hard work, and organizing great speakers for the workshops that taught us life lessons as we prepared for the pageant.

Another thanks from, I'm almost positive, from all the girls in my category to Robin Segraves, Lynnsey's mom. She's been here for us and has been a great example for us to follow in ways of kindness and giving. She's truly great.

Thank you, Jen, our 2012 JMCC, for being here for not only me, but all of us. She's helped me a lot this year and has set an amazing example for us. She's amazing, and I love her. Thanks to her mom, Alida, as well.

I want to express my insane amount amount of gratitude to my family, friends and my neighbors on Yorktown and Davis for helping me collect cans for those who need it. All the contestants collected over 11,000 cans for the project.

I had a great experience as well with going to the McKinney House and painting nails and singing to the elderly ladies. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy with satisfaction that I helped people.

Another "Thank you" to everyone that I may not have mentioned, and also, my Grammy, well I guess she's not "mine" per se anymore; considering half of the girls in the teen/junior categories call her grandma. But I want to thank her for toting me around, dealing with my crabby days, and buying me the things I needed. You're the best and deserve some recognition. I love you more than you'll ever know; more than the sands on the beaches and the stars in the sky.

Lena Dickerson


It's a decision for all to make, not a few

Why do so few think they are entitled to decide Logansport's look and future?

After speaking with many Logansport citizens, whom share the same opinion as I do, I am writing this letter.

In my opinion it appears that only a select few of the citizen/taxpayers of Logansport decide what art is displayed in our city. My understanding, that grant monies are used for these projects and grant money comes from our taxes. I agree Logansport has many beautiful pieces of art work and architecture that the citizens/taxpayers can be and are proud of. The pieces of art that are displayed on Broadway between 4th and 5th streets, also at 4th and High streets, to say the least are so out of place. These pieces in my opinion add nothing to the aesthetics of our city. I feel that the art downtown should complement and enhance all the history of our town.

Why are such decisions made by the few people, whom must feel that they are the only ones that know what the citizens/taxpayers of Logansport want for the future of this city? Do they feel that they are so entitled to have the say so?

My opinion is that the citizens/taxpayers of Logansport for whom are the ones creating this grant money through taxes should have some say to how it is spent. I also feel that if these entitled folks would put as much dedication into grants that could be used to help the youth, the homeless and low-income families would be of better interest to the Logansport community.

If we want to make the downtown and the city of Logansport a viable place that people want to come and spend time, use some of the grant money to help local businesses, old and new to maintain and build. To grow, Logansport has to have industry and power.

With this being said, I feel that Mayor Franklin is on the right track with LMU. We need to move forward as a city and to enhance our town to grow. It is a good place to live and we need to look to the future. If we can burn trash and stop polluting our land and oceans that would be great.

Robert Knapp