March 12, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Some foods are to die for — literally

— If obesity, heart disease, and erectile dysfunction haven’t already stopped you from eating meat—maybe premature death from processed meat will.

The evidence in a newly released study of half a million participants is grim.

Just one small serving a day of ham, hot dogs, sausage, or any processed meat accounts for 1 out of 30 premature deaths.

Diets high in processed meats are linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and early death, according to the report in the journal BMC Medicine.

Eating just one serving a day increases the risk of premature death by 44 percent, while also increasing the risk of heart disease by 72 percent.

Take this grave warning seriously: Skip processed meats all together to avoid the risk of premature death, cancer, and heart disease.

Leafy greens, legumes, and whole grains provide protein without the added risk.

In fact, these fiber-rich foods help prevent heart disease in the first place.

Joseph Gonzales,

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine