February 21, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Congress isn’t doing its job so cut pay

— To all taxpayers and working people, they — Congress — are trying to get more money by cutting programs mostly on the poor and middle class.  

This is a way they could do it. Congress rating is 9 percent. They are scheduled to be in session 33 weeks this year, last year they only were in session 27 weeks. So I say give them six-week vacation pay, after that, if they don’t show up for work, their pay should be deducted for every week they don’t show up.

I don’t get paid if I miss work, and they aren’t any better than me.

They are elected by the people, and they think they can do whatever they want. This should be put on the 2014 ballot to let the people decide if they get a free ride all the time.

If the ratings get much lower, they should do away with Congress. Nine percent don’t do much good. They act like a bunch of kids who can’t get along with each other. Well so much for my opinion as a taxpayer of this county. There has to be a change.

Doyle Roth

Star City