August 1, 2012

Public forum

Voters should say enough is enough

Another national election cycle approaches. No matter the magistrates, future legislation may be prearranged. You and I will choose a preferred candidate, but dollars will guide policy. The airwaves will be glutted with the distortions of Super Pacs. Sadly, too many voters make their decision based on such misinformation and fear mongering. The billions of dollars spent will expect a return on investment, and the electorate must deal with sacrifice.

I completely understand people’s apathy, the eligible voters unregistered and those who never exercise their right. Ask why, and the reasons are universal: It doesn’t matter. What they do in Washington has little effect on me. They don’t care about us.

Politicians are in it for themselves.

The arguments are convincing, but it is the citizens’ disconnect that has created the vacuum we abhor. Democracy cannot succeed without the full participation of its people, and participation means far more than showing up on Election Day. Take a carefree moment to consider the progressive-minded men who developed a new concept in government, the thousands who died to establish and preserve a freedom they could never enjoy, and the coming generations who may be the victims of its collapse. Tell me again what you do doesn’t matter.

Hand it to the Republican leadership. The ranks stand firmly under their ideological umbrella.

They’re good Bible-thumpers, family values adherents and constitutional originalists. They seduce that portion of the populace who fear the loss of these ideals, when their real god is power and money its savior. Tax cuts during an economic crisis? FDR must have been a commie sympathizer. Tax cut extension during wartime? Unprecedented. Can’t get our legislative way? Obstruct.

Can’t imagine average employees retaining their jobs if they refused to work.

Democrats are no better. They’ve lost their spine. Since money is now the sine qua non of politics, they also are obliged to consider their re-election funding. Conscience, right and justice for all Americans must take a back seat.

Government of the people, for the people and by the people must perish from the earth if we abandon activism. Until a grassroots movement establishes itself and proclaims “enough is enough,” tyranny will rise. Its storm clouds are already on the horizon.

Jeffery W. Wiseley, Star City