April 21, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: We should pursue solar, wind energy


— Can anyone tell me why the utilities did not go with wind turbines to provide our electricity? Also, why not use solar power? Or the combination of both? They are already proven — no need for consultants at such an outstanding price.

Indy is going to build a solar field near the airport, so it must be successful. The very first time I saw those wind turbines was in California. I was very impressed and declared in the moment that wind turbines are what it’s at. No more nuclear, too much waste to destroy our country.

I also hope the new proposed power plant won’t be near my home. There has to be too much trash coming into our landfill now, and to get a way to dispose of it would be great. But I worry burning it will pollute the air and the trash will pollute our city.

I think those wind turbines are the greatest and love going and seeing them in White and Benton counties.

Madella Gellinger