December 18, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Emmaus delivers Christmas cheer

— On Dec. 7 Emmaus Mission Center delivered 300 bags of Christmas cheer to senior citizens in the community. This was done as a thank you for all that these seniors have done for us in their past. Handing out the gifts is a precious time for me, when you see the smiles and hear that is the only gift they will receive it breaks your heart. We always wish we could do more for them.

On be half of Emmaus Mission Center and myself, we want to thank all the businesses plus the people who are listed below Jack Goris DDS, Dale Hardy Supplies, Kroger from Peru, Kroeger Funeral Home, Logansport Savings Bank, Main Street Market on Third Street, McCord’s Do It Best/INCOM Wholesale, Salin Bank, Xi Gamma Xi Beta Lambda Phi, Rodger Baker, Donna Benedict, John Biggs, Jennifer Gunter, Scott Goldsberry, Joe and Bob Heilman, Ed Jeroski, Sheilla Loing, Kathy and Jerry Lombardi, Annette Mata, Dajuan Mims, Cathy Neubaum, Bob and Christy Skinner and Pierre Stovall.

Your donations of cash, gifts and time made our Christmas Senior gift bags once again a big success. Please remember, we are currently accepting donations of cash and items for Christmas in 2013.

Mary Beth Burkhart, project coordinator