January 20, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Not supporting trash project

— Every time I drive by the supermarket that used to be our high school, I think of what a nice Ivy Tech it would have been. At every town festival at Little Turtle Waterway, I can’t help but think what an asset the old depot would have been to the lost “Iron Horse Festival,” as well as all of the festivals that are held there. We lost a big part of our railroad legacy when that depot was demolished.

Now, it seems that our town is in the process of making another huge mistake. I cannot see the wisdom in thinking that burning trash for our electrical needs is smarter than going with natural gas. From what I can find, other cities that have tried the trash-burning route have not been all that successful. I haven’t done extensive research on this issue, but those of you that have done the research and have decided that this is the right way to go, need to educate the public as to why trash burning will be more economical and cleaner.

Until I can see convincing evidence, I am opposed to taking a chance on an unknown when we have an abundance of natural gas. Of course, we have an abundance of coal, too, but we’ve let government regulations take that option away from us; but Mr. Obama warned us before his first election that under his plan, our utility bills would necessarily skyrocket.

Jean Starkey, Logansport