March 25, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Hire from home on upcoming projects


— I hope the mayor and all the various important committees and councils read this and give it some thought. It is very good that many new building projects are in the planning stage and others have already started.

Here in Logansport, we have a lot of people unemployed. I would like to see something like a contract with the city that all those building projects would require hiring of at least 30 percent of their work force from the Logansport area. Not Fort Wayne, Indianapolis or another state or country. I would at least like to see some of those millions of dollars spent locally on supplies, materials and labor.

I have already heard some contractors’ excuses on hiring practices, but I am sure you can fit in some new people if you have to. I’ve heard the excuse that we must use union people and if you want a job, go up to Fort Wayne and sit in the union hall. That’s not easy for someone who has no car or no gas and waste a week sitting there not being picked.

Let’s do something for the unemployed in Logansport for a change.

Jerry Anderson