March 19, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Another idea for senior housing

— I have been giving a lot of thought to the possibility of a senior center apartment duplex being built. I have read what ideas have been presented to the persons in charge and I find it very disturbing to have them thinking about building or remodeling a building in the downtown area of the city. Please consider what I think would be the most feasible to place it in.

Just think about this: What about taking the old BR building and refurbish it to have senior apartments in it? There is plenty or room for several apartments (one or two bedroom). The seniors would have the opportunity to have within their walking distance: (1) a restaurant, (2) a hair salon, (3) a medical center, (4) a CVS pharmacy and (5) Martins Supermarket. My husband and I, being senior citizens, think that this is the best idea that has been up before the committee.

Norma Coffin