July 10, 2012

Public forum

County celebrates 4th of July in style

On behalf of the entire Republican Central Committee, office holders and candidates, thank you to our Cass County communities for maintaining a true legacy of community spirit and parades. The Twelve Mile Little 500 marked the 50th anniversary this year, and the parade may have been around nearly as long. What a memorable tradition! Many dedicated individuals have made this all possible.

Mark Lowe has been doing the parade arranging for many of those years.

The Walton parade and festival is a little newer, but just as dedicated to providing the spirit of our 4th of July traditional celebration. Carol Woolever has done the planning as far back as we know. Both communities have their parades as a big part of the 4th of July. This is why we say thank you and appreciate it so much.

We also thank all of our Republican precinct people, office holders and candidates for walking and taking part in the parades on such a hot day. A special thank you to Bob and Joe Buck for providing the wagons we all enjoy using in the parades.

Parades are a traditional way of celebrating the 4th of July, a special date of our great country. Let’s not forget our heritage.

Also, the event at Riverside Park with the U.S. Air National Guard Band was outstanding!

Kay Weatherwax, chairwoman, Cass County Republican Party