April 6, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters for Sunday, April 6, 2014


---- — Helping those who help those with mental illness

Tom Sheetz wrote a letter earlier in the year discussing mental health and how the help is distributed. We have a very nice building for mental health clients to spend time. They do laundry, they cook, they take advantage of donations that a lot of people give such as clothing, bedding and hygiene products. Logansport has so many because the state hospital “cured” them then put them in group homes and on the streets. The majority have no family members and if they do, the families have nothing to do with them. So here we are. People in the past worked very hard to get this nice building, something Logansport should and could be proud of.

Over the years I came to know those in our community who are helping people with mental illness and showing them compassion and concern.

People do not realize what a family goes through when they experience the onset of schizophrenia in a loved one. It can happen to anyone. It can also be because of a brain injury at any stage of life.

This is how I became involved with NAMI — National Alliance on Mental Issues — dedicated to supporting, educating and advocating for a person and their family members living with serious mental illness.

We started a group in Logansport and we have found that many people with family members just aren’t interested, and it ended up being only consumers coming to the meetings.

We have a hotline for family members to call and I try to help them with information as best I can. I invite them to join NAMI, but that’s the last we hear from them. So, bottom line is we have these clients in town and we all need to get together and help them obtain a good life.

I don’t personally know anyone on the United Way board, I’m sure they are doing what they perceive to be the best, and I believe the things they give to are important.

But the Mental Health people have no one to advocate for them because Mental Health America and I feel if there is anyway at all possible that this decision can by changed, or looked at again, it would and should make Logansport feel proud that they work together to improve all lives to be good.

Karen Menzie


Thanks for making ita special 85th birthday

To all family and friends who attended my 85th surprise birthday party at Silver Lake on Saturday, March 29, I wish to send you all a big “Thank You” for your cards, presents, gift certificates and etc. My actual birthday is April 1 as I was born April Fool’s Day 1929.

My sons and families came from as far as Hope Valley, R.I., and Indianapolis with the rest of them from here in Logansport. It was really great and a big surprise.

Thanks again!

Lillian Leffert


United States needs to beworld power that it is

If Russia can take over Crimea, can we have Cuba?

If there is no international cop to arrest law breakers, then the law is useless.

If there is no fear of punishment for bad behavior, you can do whatever you want.

If the high Christian morals of the U.S. don’t punish bad behavior of other countries, there will be civil unrest all over the globe.

Once again, we need “Peace Through Strength.”

When Obama and Congress choose to send the mighty U.S. military to the wrong places, keep it out of the right places, and make it smaller and weaker, they fail the world. What a pitiful example of a world power.

Patrick E. Harvey


Wanting to get officersout on foot patrol

I know the weather is getting warmer and I know the police department has or at least had a police bike program where officers rode a bike. I wonder why we never see officers walking the streets, or for that matter the alleys where the spray painting has been happening?

I’m pretty sure an officer on foot can hear and see much more than in a car or even riding. Then they could start from the station or park a car somewhere and start from there. All they gotta do is call in any suspicious activity and for backup. Even save money on fuel.

Rex GangloffLogansport

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