October 13, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters from Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013


---- — Some new laws to consider passing

In 1999, your interest rates were 5.75 percent on savings accounts. In 2009, it was 0.75 percent. If you had $100,000 in your account, that is a difference of $5,000 that you have lost because the U.S. government just issues more bonds that have a negative effect on your interest rates.

So, in those eight years of that administration, you would have lost $20,000 if the interest rate fell at a steady rate over those eight years. Now, let’s tie this thought to the U.S. government shutdown.

If the debt ceiling is not raised and the bond holders are not paid, the government will have no option but raise interest rates. Now that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

Next. Since the government shutdown, any and all taxes imposed on the U.S. citizens should not have to be paid. If the government is not paying anyone, they don’t need the money. Right? I like this shutdown even more.

Next. If the government is shut down, then the salaries of those elected officials who caused it should not be paid. Not only don’t pay them but make it a law that even when the shutdown ends, they have no means to get back-pay.

Next. Since some of these elected officials who intend to vote to not raise the debt ceiling in the coming weeks were the same ones who voted many times to allow that very debt ceiling under the previous administration, maybe a law should be passed that anyone that voted on a subject under a previous president that was from their party cannot vote in the opposite just because the present president is not of their party.

Next. Pass a law that if any U.S. elected official votes or approves a war, their children must sign up for military service and will be assigned to the front lines.

Next. Pass a law that any person running for office must sign a pledge that they will not accept any PAC (Political Action Committee) money and makes it illegal to accept or give PAC money to an elected official at the county, state or federal level.

Next, on the state level, pass a law that makes it illegal for anyone on a university board of trustees who was appointed by the very person that is applying for the president of that university, to vote on that subject.

Mike Smith


Fire departmentsthankful for the help

The Harrison Township Fire Department would like to thank all those who supported our hog roast recently. We appreciate all who helped make it a success. We would like to mention the following local businesses:

Baker Brothers Farms; Community State Bank: Kewanna, Royal Center and Twelve Mile; Country Sales and Service, Logansport; Crimmins Farms LLC, Lucerne; Dykihas Farms, Holland, Mich.; Hair to Dye For, Logansport; Harrison-Metzger & Rans Funeral Homes: Kewanna and Royal Center; Marocco and Rans Funeral Chapel, Logansport; Herd Agri-Enterprises, Logansport; Kitchell Insurance Company; Logansport; Kneller Manure Management; Logansport Automotive NAPA; LRM Farms, Lucerne; Lucerne Feed and Grain; New Holland, Logansport; Smith Lawn Care, Royal Center; Zagajewski Construction, Logansport.

Again thank you to all! We look forward to seeing you on March 15, 2014, for our pancake and sausage breakfast, and Sept. 20, 2014, for our annual hog roast.

Bob Cree


How we should handle ambulance problem

For several years, I was involved with the first responders and Cass County EMS. As I read the paper of all of the changes since the hospital gave up the EMS service, I think back on how efficiently the service was years ago. We still have the capability of having a great service here in Cass County. As painful as the article about the city wanting to purchase an ambulance for the fire department was, it is the right move.

The county has a contract with Rural Metro for five years. Once that is completed, a second move would be to move the county fire department to a more central location in the county and run a second ambulance out of there.

These two departments, along with Galveston, would be the primary source of emergency runs. Emergency medical responders (formerly first responders) from all of the outer fire departments would be also dispatched so that they could give initial care until the primary ambulance arrived.

All of the EMT and paramedic firefighters that I worked with were excellent. And we as taxpayers are not paying double for the same care, as now we have both Rural Metro and the fire department responding.

The Emergency Medical Responders in the outer communities know the areas, are well trained, know the people and have a good working relationship with each other through mutual aid.

Look at other communities and learn from them. The fire departments are the EMS — and when you look at productivity — it only makes good sense.

Diane Welsh


Fed up withthe way things are

The Republican Party is the party of “Our Way or the Highway.” Republicans had no problem giving the Bush administration $11 trillion for an ill-conceived war.

The tax breaks that went to the wealthy was to create jobs, where are the jobs, they went overseas and the wealthy got wealthier from hoarding and selfishness.

Many years everyone has been angry over insurance companies and medical expenses.

It is not “ObamaCare,” just another lying plot from the most dishonest party in the history of out country, Republicans.

It is the “Affordable Health Care Act,” Insurance companies would have to pay for ordinary medical services even if it falls under your deductible. The doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and Republican parties are angry, they want all they can get with price guidelines, and Republicans and wealthy investors don’t want their dividends to get a little lower.

Mr. Obama is not perfect, but he did the same for car companies that Ronald Reagan did, and is trying to use diplomacy (words) instead of trading arms to our enemies or start another war.

Mr. Bush gave tax breaks to the wealthy while we started a 12-year war, trillions lost in taxes, to fund the war we are in now. Do you think because your Republican and your party got their way, you would still have your Social Security, Medicare of Medicaid, just because you voted Republican, yours will be gone too?

Are we under Sharika Law, do you still own your guns?

The spin the Republicans have used has divided our country, the lies you have believed, makes me wonder how you were able to make a career or living on a job, with no common sense.

Mitch Daniels did not want a honest history book, he wanted Bill Bennet, the first drug czar, who said, “If you legalize marijuana the black market will flourish.” Don’t you recall how Al Capone got rich during the Prohibition, ‘Black Market’, lies, lies, lies, would be the history book by Bennett.

This state is ran by one party — Republicans. Do you know the four countries ran by one party? Cuba, Russia, China and North Korea. Is that balance?

Stop, you probably don’t like Obama because he is half black; Mitt Romney is half Mexican.

Sorry you have let them lie to the point with a philosophy that is much like commie-thinking than democracy.

The truth is always hard to hear, especially if your brain-washed with hate.

Patrick Harrison