October 2, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Gas prices in Logansport are highest again


---- — Gas buyers shouldfile price complaint

I encourage anyone who feels Logan gas stations are “gas gouging” again, to file a complaint at this link, Or just Google “file complaint gas gouging Indiana.”

If you drove north, south, east or west on Oct. 1, you would find every town had gas prices lower than Logansport. At 8:30 a.m. Oct 1, Logansport had one station at $3.44, the rest was $3.45. Here is the lowest prices listed at on Tuesday morning. Logan $3.44, Kokomo $3.12, Galveston $3.15, Walton $3.29, Peru $3.37, Monticello $3.23, Fulton $3.20, Rochester $3.20, and even Royal Center is lower at $3.43. A little farther away you had North Judson at $3.29, Winamac $3.28, Monon $3.24, and Delphi $3.39.

By the time this gets printed I am sure prices will of changed. But as of 8:30 a.m. Oct 1, Logansport had the highest in our county and every surrounding cities, which most know is normal. I am sure when this does get printed, Logan’s prices will have changed. But no matter if prices go up or down, you can bet on one thing — Logan will probably be the highest.

I am hoping that when the gas station is built on the Hoosier Heartland south of town, it will not run its prices along with stations in Logan. Hopefully the owner will not join the little group of Logan owners that ban together and gas gouges all of us in Logansport.

Charly Small