August 9, 2012

Public forum

Election offers economic choice

Most experts agree this recession may drag on for years. There will be no miraculous recovery no matter the next president’s name.

Candidate Romney stands by the economic policy we adopted during Reagan’s presidency. Take an honest look at its scorecard, and tell me more of the same is good for America.

Tax cuts for the wealthy will produce jobs, and our manufacturing prowess melts away. The middle class is becoming the dinosaur doomed for extinction as its income stagnates or declines. Those good-paying jobs were the source of consumption, and a strong tax base. We face not only trade deficits, but a budget deficit that is financed by foreign nations who now are profiting from our materialism. Should that dry up in these hard economic times, do you suppose those nations will bail us out?

Free-trade zones and corporate tax incentives have invited U.S. companies to take advantage of the massive pool of cheap foreign labor. Consumers could have killed that one in its tracks by leaving their merchandise on the shelves, but, no, we must have the latest gadgets.

Less regulation will free up the markets. It certainly will. Even after the banking fiasco in 2008 that has left the world reeling, I still hear politicians calling for more deregulation. Let’s do away with the environmental, safety and labor agencies. They severely restrict business opportunities in this country. Yes, and when the landscape and water are degraded, and workers can be paid less than the minimum wage, we can look forward to becoming the next Third World country.

Right to Work law will create more jobs. Probably correct. Once it’s passed in all 50 states, which is the object, and the death tone rings for collective bargaining, companies will welcome the chance to pay less for more.

We need to dissolve these socialist programs. Medicare, Social Security and welfare that assist the lower classes are communistic at heart, but subsidizing big oil, and states tripping over one another with tax breaks for new business is a different animal.

I could go on, give you numbers to back my perspective, but my space is limited. The cold facts are out there, if you desire confirmation. If you believe the growing income disparity, and trampled workers’ rights are good for America, vote for Mitt Romney.

He’ll deliver.

Jeffery W. Wiseley, Star City