July 29, 2012

Public forum

Newspaper shows bias against mayor

The July 24 Pharos-Tribune carried an article which symbolizes its journalism over the past several months. The front-page story of the mayor’s parking spot is a bad joke. The ever-present biased reporting since the current administration came into office is obvious. This is in stark contrast to the equally blatant failure to criticize the Fincher administration for any of its blunders.

The bias of the Pharos-Tribune, however, is a serious matter in that critical local problems are deliberately ignored. It will be interesting to see how the newspaper responds.

The first is the problem of motorists who have never had a driver's license and make our streets much more dangerous. Some have been arrested, but there are still numerous illegal drivers in this area, endangering lives and property. Illegal drivers use cars and license plates purchased by someone else, raising questions about what is being done to stop this criminal practice. The total silence of the Pharos-Tribune is there for all to see.

It is my understanding that the legal owner of the car driven by the illegal driver has to pay a towing fee to recover the vehicle. Perhaps a heavy fine should also be assessed against the owner, which would help keep illegal drivers off the streets and thus protect the lives of ordinary people. The Pharos-Tribune should publish street addresses of the vehicle owners and illegal drivers; the public has a right to know who is endangering their lives and property.

The other problem is the difficulty in crossing certain intersections in this city. The situation is especially bad on High Street but exists elsewhere in the city. It is almost impossible at some intersections to see if cars are approaching. Many drivers have had near misses, or serious accidents, due to vehicles blocking the view at intersections. Lives and property are at risk, yet the Pharos-Tribune has been strangely silent; stories about official parking spots are apparently more important than protecting the public.

The only way to solve this problem is to restrict parking. No vehicle should park within 30 or 35 feet of an intersection. (Different rules would apply to one-way streets.) This will inconvenience those who live on corners, but that is what side-street parking is for.

Perhaps the Pharos-Tribune editor is just upset because he does not have a special parking place.

R.W. Julian, Logansport

Mayor’s reaction embarrasses state

Thank you, Mayor Franklin, for bring public embarrassment to Indiana. I just read of your retaliation against those in your community who are upholding the law. Shame on you. 

R.L. McElroy, Terre Haute

Some local leaders need to grow up

I'd like to address this letter to our elected and appointed officials in both the city and county sectors. I am not attempting to demean or vilify any of them in any way. I will keep my thoughts and words general. (Insert your name here if it hits home).

Not everyone in our local government positions is immature and/or a bully. Most are good, hardworking citizens who want to make our city grow and prosper. They live here and have raised or are raising their children here and want them to have a future here, not jack-rabbit down the road as soon as high school is over.  

Then there are those who are like toddlers in the sandbox who are learning to share. Those sandbox officials are grownups, however, and should be teaching the toddlers how to grow up to be responsible adults.

For some reason, these sandbox officials never grew out of the toddler stage.

They kick sand in each others’ faces and throw toys and temper tantrums. They stick out their tongues and say “nyah, nyah, I’ll get you back!” Paid officials bully volunteer ones into either voting their way or get kicked in the butt for their hard work. We have a huge campaign going to eliminate bullying in schools ... huh? How can we expect kids not to bully when they see the sandbox officials doing it?

These sandbox officials are so busy trying to get their own way they forget the whole world is watching, not just locals. Their antics, as reported in the media, have been commented upon by many all over the state, broadcast on news stations and included in “weird news” columns online. A wonderful way to present our city as an example of one that wants to attract new businesses and jobs!  

We have a new highway being built with an interchange into our city!

We have had visits from foreign dignitaries scoping us out! We have the chance to put behind the mistakes of our forefathers and finally be called something other than “Logantucky”! If I were a business person and I saw these things being reported about a city I was considering expanding my money into, I'd hit the door running. To quote the late Rodney King, “Can't we just all get along?”

Think about it and grow up!

Terry L. Ray, Logansport

Process should have been open

The League of Women Voters of Cass County is dedicated to citizen involvement, the democratic process and the openness of government. We are writing to express our concerns regarding the manner in which the Cass County Parks Board was abolished. We want to be clear that we believe the process was legal. We do not believe the council exercised its opportunity for open government. It appears that the council made decisions that were predetermined by some without the knowledge of all.

Openness in government is one of the basic tenets of our country as well as our community.

The League of Women Voters of Cass County is not questioning the outcome. That is not our mandate. We are, however, voicing our concern that this issue was not handled in a manner that promoted openness, disallowing increased community knowledge and input.

Janet Ingram and Pam McKinney, co-presidents, League of Women Voters of Cass County


Officials should represent voters

To city and county officials: When is all the cut-throat, back-stabbing, childish behavior going to stop? It’s been going on for the last six or seven years.

I’m not choosing sides or pointing fingers on these matters, and I think that you’re all good people who try to do the right things for the citizens of Logansport and Cass County.

You work for us, “we the people,” not for your own personal agendas and personal vendettas against each other.

It’s your own faults that you put this reputation upon yourselves and the city and county, and you are the only ones who can change that.

Won’t you, please? “We the people” demand that you do!

One more thing. Is there a date set for when they will be changing the railing on the Davis Street Bridge so we can glance at the beautiful Eel River when we drive across? Yeah, right. My bad!

God bless!

Randy Hughes, Logansport

Why spend money to lure theater?

I may be missing something, but why do you think a new movie theater in Logansport will be such a wonderful thing? Oh yes, it will create new jobs for a few people! How is that going to help them when there are three or four people in the theater for movies? Soon there won’t be enough revenue to pay their wages.

In this day and age, when people are ordering “on demand” off their 60-inch televisions, ordering NetFlix, etc., the movie theater is becoming passé. So why spend the money to bring one to Logansport? How long did Culver’s stay in town? Why? We already have four well-established places for good ice cream. How long was Sonic here? Why? We have good, hometown, well-established “diners and drive-ins!”

I don’t think a new theater will do anything magical for Logan’s economy. Surely there is better usage for our money. I would wager that there are many more residents out there with the same opinion as my own. Is it too late to speak up?

Julia Jones, Logansport

Thanks for support of annual festival

At the 2012 Storybook Festival, children visited countries from around the world without ever leaving Spencer Park. It was a delightful event full of imaginative play, family fun, and of course many books.

As the 2012 Storybook Festival partners, the Cass County Reading Railroad, the Cass County Family Y, Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana Michiana, the Logansport Art Association, and the Logansport Junior Civic Theater extend heartfelt thanks to the people and organizations that made the festival a success: Anita Vernon and the National Junior Honor Society of Lincoln Middle School, the Logansport Parks Department, American Red Cross–Cass County Chapter, Kristen Carbough, Cass County Communications Network, Tom Coleman and A Unique Travel, Kim English and Bodyworks, Logansport Fire Department, Logansport High School Diversity Club, Logansport Pepsi Bottling Company, Logansport Police Department, James McNeany, Main Street Market, Martin’s Supermarket, Joan Michael, Audrey Michaels, Mid-America Radio Group, Pharos-Tribune, Rick Rouser, Steve and Josh Russell, Dave Shepler, Stillwater Preschool, Kyle Thompson, Dale Turnpaugh and Special Officers and the United Way of Cass County.

Dr. Suess said “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” When you read to your child every day, a world of possibilities is sure to be in store.

Nikki Reed, Cass County Reading Railroad

Why move icon from camp chapel?

During the third week of Boy Scout camp this summer while attending the interfaith chapel service, I noticed the small concrete statue of the Virgin Mary was missing. When I asked the camp ranger about it, I was told that it “was removed so we wouldn’t offend anyone.” I am offended!

So are all I’ve talked to that have been attending the camp for years.

The chapel is nondenominational and symbols of any faith should be welcome be it the Star of David, the Crescent and Star or the Cross among many. When the current chapel was built in the early ’90s, several churches donated sanctuary flags or other items. The statue of Mary was moved from a previous chapel area. I know for a fact the statue has been a camp fixture since I first attended in 1954.

Who does it offend and why? The last of the 12 points of the Scout Law is “A Scout is reverent.” As defined by my Scout Handbook, “A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.”

I believe in tolerance of others, but I also believe we should be able to expect tolerance from others. I hope others will support my efforts to have our Blessed Mother return to her rightful place in our Camp Buffalo. Please contact Chris Mehaffey, Sagamore Council executive, 518 N. Main St., PO Box 865, Kokomo IN 46903-0865, or Chas Triplett, Ranger, Camp Buffalo, 9400 N. Boy Scout Road, Monticello IN 47960.

Gerald Kersey, Logansport


Thanks to those who placed flags

A belated, yet genuine thank you to the Clymer’s Methodist Church Sunday school class and their youth for placing American flags on the graves at St. John’s Cemetery, the Clymer’s Cemetery, the Shidler Cemetery and the Pisgah Cemetery for Memorial Day. Also, a heartfelt thanks to B.J. Cox, a local fireman, who placed flags for the veterans at four small cemeteries in Miami Township for Memorial Day.

Your help was genuinely appreciated.

Keith Walker, Logansport

Reader favors neither party

Recently in the Public Forum an individual stated several reasons why he was a Democrat. Then the next week in reply, another person listed a number of reasons why she was Republican. I would like to list just two reasons why I am neither. 1) Obama and 2) Romney.

Jack Aker, Logansport

Former resident stays connected

Thank you for the excellence of the Pharos-Tribune website. The newly added Internet only section is a great benefit.

Your website is the best way for those of us who live far away to keep up with events in Logansport, Cass County and the surrounding area.

Many thanks.

David Spellman, Washington, D.C.