March 30, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters for Sunday, March 30, 2014


---- — Where the blamereally should go

Why is gas so high?

Why are groceries so expensive?

Why are taxes higher and tax returns lower?

Why does your paycheck not stretch as far as it used to?

Much of our problems are caused by laws.

Laws are made by Legislators.

Legislators are the members of Congress.

Members of Congress are elected by you.

So it’s your fault.

Patrick E. Harvey


Let’s work together to keep city clean

I agree with Mr. Hayden Jr., our town is a mess! Not just the recycle, it’s people who throw out their diapers. Yes I have seen them, in grocery parking lots and dumping ashtrays of cigarette butts, gum, paper, bags of your drive-thru sandwiches and coke drinks and napkins fly around.

Stop and think before you toss this and that out your car window.

I wouldn’t like for people to throw that in my yard, or road, or along the highway. And your own home trash bags along the roads — be it a country road, or a ditch. Stop and think, “Take it home with me.” I don’t like the look of our town. With stores closing, our town will be a ghost town before long if we don’t stop.

I wouldn’t like that in my town, yard or road. So don’t throw items out of your car.

Martha L. Smith